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Marcus, thank you. Next, turn toics and the tension Russia over the arrest of a younglleged spy. Here’s stephanieos. Reporteon russiareign Minier calling the arrest of MARIA butina unle. She’s the 29-year-old Russian gun rightsivist accud being a krlin agent. In a phone call with secretary ofte Mike poeo, sergey lavrov complaining about the action U.S. Law forcement, saying the charges against butina are fabricate but U.S. Prosecutors accuse her of going to extreme ures to infiltrate the American political system, even offering Sein exchangfor a posion in one special interest organization. Tina, accoing to sources, putiallies, R torshin. The two er national praast. Prosecutors believe she was Ying to adnce interest of T Russia feration. Even getting close enough to then-candite Donald Trump to ask this question. Do you ntuehe politics of sanctions? I believe that I would get along very nicely with Putin. Reporter: Ba, through atto, denies T charges nst her, CLI allegations overblown. And tonight, ABC news learning she Y have also had the financial support of a Russian billionaire. A so familiar th testimony Tina provid to a senate inlligenceommittee last spring, telling ABC news she identifiedstantin Nila as a source of financial support. And that alleged support from the billioe with invtments in. Energy a tech companies, pof a netwo of prosecutors to eve she waan extreme fligisk, lead to her rest. Th charges are not P of roberteller’s Russia investigation. T officials say it’s evidence of how broad and deep Russian infiltration efforts have come

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