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We areounting down to Amazon P dayet T kick off at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time. Am pig savings with a click of a mouse. But how do you know what’s real a good deal? Our cons corresponnt Becky Worley, youknow,’s case for us. Hey there,becky. Reporter: There are wortle counts. You have to know what to loo for how to look. Prime day is here. Rime D starts 3:00 P.M. July 16th. Reporter: Well almost. At 30 P.M. Eastern Amazon prime will startli out sales on over a million products. It’s an epic day and aalf of Oest deals. Repor newhi morning Amazon planning % O select toys are refresh summer funnd 30% off on Amazon basic items bedding, office products ancookware. The megasal running6 hours until ight tuesd B I available only tozon prime ers who pay $119 a ye. But you can sign upor a 30-day free L. Amazon S S the deepest discountsl come as lightningdeals limited Tim sales THA live and sell quickly. Butt you’re out and about. You don’t W T beied to your cputer a day long. Good news, thezon app lots of tools forifyingou when deals are coming up. If you click into the mu choose today’s deals and see what live now a ts tab off a glimpse at upcoming ferings. Nd one you like and click watch this deal to notifications when itsve. D the first time ever you cand pme deals in actual stores. We’re going to see sc deals for primebe in whole foods locates wchill be interesting to shat the roll T. Reporter: Buyer beware, prime day shoppers might EP shopping more for more than excited. The whole idea is T G them hooked on the idea of prime. Becky, so people are going to be sppg forrything so let’s take a look at a few ic categories to see if they’re gain good deal. First te Becky, tech pructs. Good deal or not? Okay, we’reng to go on that onoo deal. The best discounts of the entire prime day extranza will be on Amazon brandedgadgets, we’re talking Kindl tablet,lexa smareakers, fire seaming Dia stick, price should come wn 30% to 50%. That significant.nother p,rte device, younow those internet connected LI plugs, those are going to Rea solid price cuts too,n. How aboutclothing. Is that a G deal Ll, an despely wan to thinkf them for but on prime day not such a good dealper discous we think come in the fall when we change then as you mentioned blackridayeekend when we see E bet store discou Yeah ilways have a problem buying clothing online because yigner is a little differend all THA B what abgrocers? A good D or not? Ei with azon buying whole foods Thi a good deal. A couple of examples spend 10ucks at whole foodsou G a $10 ct for Amazon prime day andot discounted 10% at whole F andffering $10 credits to T the prime now grerlivery for the first time. Now, we ha details on how to link your accounts before you go to W foods. It’s all in article on website. You beat me to it get ou guide to prime D deals website.ank you, Becky. Here for you. As always are. Let’s go over to ginger. Yes, and let’s do your “Gma”

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